Chou Feng Enterprise is established in 1985, located on Shu Lin Dist., New Taipei City. For importing and exporting conveniently, there are two professional warehouses are located on Lin Kou Dist., New Taipei City. Our company is a professional supplier of every kind of industrial oil and process ingredient. Four of our most principles are quality, professional, service and environment.  We are authorized by many international companies to sell their products. For example, we sell industrial oil of SUNOCO (Japan), rubber process oil of OLEFMER (Korea), transfer fluid in food grade of DURATHERM (U.S.A.) and cleaners of IPC (U.S.A.), industrial / food grade of NILS (Italy)…etc. Chou Feng Enterprise is also the main supplier to provide materials to famous shoes factories (Nikes/ ADIDAS) and car assembles factories in Taiwan.                < Warehouse >                               <  Warehouse >                              <  Warehouse >                      <  Warehouse >                                < Branch >                                           < Car >